With Italian creativity in our DNA

We have full control over manufacturing in Italy, which allows us to guarantee exceptional performance in the sevice to our clients

To look beyond what’s in plain sight is part of who we are and it’s a very Italian state of mind. We have always strived to create products that are different than anything else out there – more functional, of higher quality and more beautiful.

When mosaic flooring became popular, there were no profiles available to protect them and make installation safer. We created and patented them.

There were polished and brushed stainless steel profiles available on the market – so we invented a sanded stainless steel version.

Baseboards were considered simple metal pieces attached to a wall. We designed a patented profile integrated into the wall with a removable finished profile which could become a better solution for everyone – essential and elegant, while at the same time more effective to use on modern drywall partitions.

These are just a few examples, but they are indicative of the creative force that sets us apart in the market, continuously raising the bar. It’s the same drive that led us to create new product families, such as accessories for laying and levelling large format tiles, accessories for laying floating floors and systems for the construction and installation of showers: all solutions entirely conceived, developed and produced by Profilitec to make the installer’s job easier and of higher quality.

We are well aware of our responsibility and role in innovation. That’s why we always ask ourselves the extra questions, in search of a solution that no one has ever come up with.

Until now, this approach has proven to be in the right direction and international markets have received us well, supporting strong global expansion. After all, when Italian creativity finds a dynamic company with a solid team dedicated to innovation, results come quickly.

Made efficient by solid processes and a team dedicated to innovation

What drives us to innovate?

Why we strive to be trailblazers …