Throughout the value chain

We have full control over manufacturing in Italy, which allows us to guarantee exceptional performance in the sevice to our clients

We have full control of the production chain in italy, all within our own factory walls. This allows us to guarantee cutting edge performance, hold ourselves to rigorous standards and offer innovative systems to our clients.

Our commercial headquarters in Italy and the North American subsidiary in South Carolina, oversee the distribution channels and provide our clients and distributors with punctual, precise service and information.

In 2018, the company moved to Isola Vicentina, where we doubled our production space and tripled the Logistics Department in support of sales and training. Our industrial facility gives us the further possibility of more than doubling the surface area of the current structure and therefore guarantee extensive growth with total scalability in manufacturing and logistics.

Of recent, we have made numerous investments in the automation of production processes, tripling existing systems and equipment, and allowing us to manage the turnover increase from international markets.

This expansion was necessary to optimize manufacturing throughout times, reduce waste and allow personnel to work with top-notch quality and safety standards.

The operations of

  • extrusion
  • moulding
  • mechanical processing
  • coating
  • lamination
  • deformation
  • finishing
  • packaging

define a production structure at the highest industry standards, supported by an avant-garde logistics service of which we are unabashedly proud.

Intelligent solutions to resolve problems

What drives us to innovate?

Because we have the ambition to do things first...