Made efficient by solid processes and a team dedicated to innovation.

Producing innovation can be at risk if it is not based on sound competence and an efficent organisation rendering the process agile. This is who we are

Our size and organization is founded on the empowerment of each team member, allowing us extraordinary flexibility and speed in innovation. Our processes are lean: if we see a market need and have an idea to match, we can industrialize it and put it on the market in no time.

Our marketing is scientific, it begins with market analysis of customer needs, translating into ideas, proposals and projects that are then evaluated in terms of the investment necessary to make them a reality and the return they might generate. Every year we examine more than 100 projects of new products and integrations to the existing range. It’s only at the end of an articulate and complex evaluation, which includes thorough market and channel analysis, that Product Management provides us with the data which singles out those products that may continue on to the engineering and industrialization phases.

The research, development and industrialization departments – with time proven experience in manufacturing, systems, production, equipment and industrialization processes – contribute to the realization of a given new product, also with a positive ongoing loop feedback product managment.

The product is then launched into specific channels identified by the Marketing Department, and the Sales Force demonstrates the product’s technical and functional characteristics to resellers, installers, architects and designers through seminars and presentations.

Installers are both the destination and the first spark of the innovation process, the primary source of suggestions and ideas to feed the virtuous cycle of product innovation which never ceases to produce opportunities.

So, you might ask, why are we so highly competitive?
Because we have full control of manufacturing.

Throughout the value chain

What drives us to innovate?

Because we have the ambition to do things first...