Smart solutions to meet your needs and eliminate headaches

Our primary goal?

  • + Save time
  • + Life long installations
  • + Product versatility
  • + Choice of deep range

On the job site, unexpected problems are commonplace; we know this well. But our range of products and systems is so extensive, that we have a solution for every problem. And if for some reason it doesn’t exist, you can be sure we are in the process of designing it.

Our main objective is, in fact, to help you work at your very best, with your full personal satisfaction, and that of your most demanding clients.

  • Save time in installation.
  • Life long installations, due to the indisputable quality of the raw materials of our products, which guarantee resistance to wear, chemical and mechanical stress.
  • Product versatility:: attention to design leads to aesthetic solutions that adapt to any use and context.
  • Choice of deep range with every product available in different materials, colors, finishes, shapes and thicknesses.

We are not only talking about excellent profiles for walls and floors; we are talking about offering a complete service full of solutions for the home of your client, ready to resolve problems at the job site with a wide variety of products designed to improve the installation of floors, walls, terraces and interior spaces, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

It can make a roof walkable with a raised floor, renovate a bathroom in a quick and efficient way, lay large sizes of tiles guaranteeing perfect leveling and in general prevent a lot of unpleasant inconveniences, functional and aesthetic.

Profilitec is a solid company that will truly support your professional growth, be at your side in real time and facilitate your job by making it stress free and efficient.

Discover how our systems can make your job easier.

By your side in real time, all over the world

What drives us to innovate?

Because we have the ambition to do things first...