Why we strive to be trailblazers

We invent and develop new products with installers in mind, based on our solid and expanding industry know-how

Profilitec’s number of patents and inventions is impressive: since 1966 we have acquired over 50 patents, with an increasing number in recent years.

We don’t like to follow in the footsteps of others, we like to lead the way. We invent and develop new products based on our solid and expanding industry know-how

That’s why we created a new team of engineers in 2015 dedicated to the research and development of high-performance solutions for wall and floor covering installations and systems. We collaborate with the best private research laboratories and universities to test our products and solutions, which we submit to rigid Italian and international test protocols.

  • - System quality certifications
  • - Product certifications
  • - Environmental and sustainability certifications
  • - FEM testing for finite element dimensioning
  • - Load testing on materials and products
  • - Product resistance and wear testing
  • - Material impact testing
  • - Break strength testing
  • - ANSI certifications
  • - DIN certifications
  • - ASTM certifications
  • - EPD certification

We never lose sight of the professionals who need our products to do their job well: the installers. We take note of their problems, those that emerge on a daily basis on job sites throughout the world, each one unique in itself, and we make them our own. But if we limited ourselves to this, we wouldn’t be Profilitec: in simplifying the job of installers we never forget the designers, architects and engineers who don’t stop at simple functionality; they value beauty and exclusivity.

That’s why we rack our brain to study solutions that create products of highest quality, and at the same time also aesthetically studied in every detail, finding not only design solutions, but also products and systems that live up to the task of increasing speed and quality of installations.

In our continuous study of aesthetic form and functionality, we never overlook the sustainability of the products we sell. We consider the entire manufacturing process, which ends in installation, but also include volume logistics, production costs and overall consumption full life cycle assessments including logistics and disposal.

With Italian creativity in our DNA

What drives us to innovate?

Why we strive to be trailblazers …