Profile for raised floor with supports

Systems for closing the perimeter edge of a raised floor.In addition to decorating, the profiles offer two aesthetic choices for closing the edge: with the tile inserted vertically or with the profile at full height.For a more discreet aesthetic result we offer the clip closure system.
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Tools that make the difference in laying floating floors

In the construction of a raised floor in the garden it is very likely that it is necessary to close the structure on the perimeter. How do you proceed? There are various possibilities, one of which is to use SUPACLPB, SUPACLPT clips, to be used at the base and at the head of the supports that occupied the external rows of the flooring. The material used for the floor must be cut to size in order to fit it between the two clips and thus have continuity of materials between the flat part of the floor and the vertical walls.Other very useful accessories are the SUPACLPP perimeter clips to be used at the head of the supports placed in front of walls in order to avoid the contact of the stone or stone slabs with the wall, thus eliminating noise and the risk of chipping the floor.In addition to the accessories mentioned above, the SUPAANG aluminum joist designed for those who want to lay long and thin slabs is no less important. It allows a quick installation and an exceptional result in terms of planarity and stability of the surface.There are many other components that can help you, go to the section dedicated to them!