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Total protection for a ceramic floor from cracks, infiltrations and rising damp in a single product: the uncoupling membrane.
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FLOORTEC uncoupling membrane

Uncoupling membrane: what is it and why use it?

Our Floortec uncoupling membrane is produced in high density polyethylene, with a thin layer of non-woven fabric on the side in contact with the substrate, all in just 3 mm. It is produced in sheets with circular cavities, and sold in rolls.It is applied on concrete or wooden substrates.Floortec is a membrane that offers multiple advantages, let's see them: - avoid that the movements of the subsoil due to settling of the structure or thermal expansion, can be transmitted to the flooring and thus create fractures; - manage the rising humidity in case of laying on a cement screed, allowing to speed up the time on site, or to lay the flooring before the 28 standard days for the screed to mature, allowing the humidity to vent between the cavities present between polyethylene and non-woven fabric; - waterproof the subsoil, thanks to the plastic material of which it is composed.This feature is made possible thanks to the help of Foiltec waterproofing strips, to be applied in the joints between the various Floortec sheets.The membrane blocks any water infiltrations on the upper layer, favoring the normal evaporation process; - avoid placing the fraction joints on the flooring, thus obtaining a continuous laying of the covering; - strengthen the floor, increasing its load resistance, thanks to its column structure. Ideal for car dealers floors.

Floortec: can I use it outdoors?

Very often it is possible to observe external floors of tiled terraces, balconies or gardens damaged by cracks or with detached tiles. The cause of these damages is to be associated with insufficient or worn waterproofing. Rain, ice and snow are often the cause of infiltration which, if not resolved, can cause damage over time to the structure of the building as well as to the tiles on the surface. To avoid this it is necessary to waterproof the screed in order to protect both the tiles and the substrate. The Floortec is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. As we have previously said, it is a membrane with a dual function: uncoupling and waterproofing. It is an innovative drainage system with high technical performance for laying external flooring. Innovative drainage membranes for outdoor flooring over balconies and terraces to prevent deterioration due to water infiltration and condensation in the mortar bed.