FOILTEC waterproofing membrane

FOILTEC waterproofing membrane

WATER-STOP FOILTEC waterproof membrane in laminated polyethylene is conceived for environments with high humidity, to be installed simultaneously with the tile, using the appropriate tile adhesive. It is particularly suitable in shower stalls, preventing humidity from spreading to adjacent rooms.

FOILTEC has been tested with vapor test prooving high resistance making it a great option not only for waterproofing installations but also in steam wet rooms.

FOILTEC/15 Joint sealing strip in laminated polyethylene. Width: 15cm. FOILTEC/I/G Internal corner joint in preformed, laminated polyethylene. FOILTEC/E/G External corner joint in preformed, laminated polyethylene. FOILTEC/T20/G Pipe joint in preformed, laminated polyethylene.

FOILTEC dimensions options

INSTALLATION: Assure base is level, smooth, clean and dry. Apply adhesive using a 3x3mm “V” notched trowel. Apply WATER-STOP FOILTEC membrane with the flat edge of the trowel, pressing firmly to smooth out bubbles. Overlap sections of the membrane by 5cm, or use WATER-STOP FOILTEC/15 strips to seal joints. To guarantee waterproofing, use WATER-STOP preformed internal / external corner joints and pipe joints.

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