draintec 8S

DRAINTEC 8S draining membrane

DRAINTEC 8S draining membrane

DRAINTEC 8S, truncated cone section drainage membrane with 2x2 mm synthetic mesh, ideal for laying floors on a draining screed.

Advantages using DRAINTEC 8S:

Advantages deriving from the application of the DRAINTEC 8S system: • Extends the life of the tiles • Protects traditional waterproofing • It reduces the deterioration of the structures avoiding the efflorescence and the detachment of the coating • Solves the problem of water over-pressures and consequent cracks • Ensures thermo-acoustic insulation by constituting an 8 mm air gap

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  • Draintec 8S in polyethylene

    Polyethylene drainage membrane with truncated cone elements to better separate and drain liquids, coupled with a mesh surface. Ideal in case of draining screed. It can be combined with borders from the Bordertec line.

    Polyethylene /
    H (in) Art.
    5/16 DRAINTEC 8 S

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