draintec 8

DRAINTEC 8 membrane with double drainage channel

DRAINTEC 8 membrane with double drainage channel

Thanks to its particular shape, the DRAINTEC 8 draining system is able to guarantee load resistance performance combined with the high draining power. Its three-dimensional structure also allows it to withstand the walkway and the transport of the material during laying. It is extremely resistant to compression, traction, impact and punching; it also ensures perfect mechanical protection for waterproofing, with an increase in thickness of only 8 mm. DRAINTEC 8, thanks to the particular design, has a double drainage channel and hydrostatic pressure compensation, both in contact with the screed and in contact with the bituminous membrane. Allowing water, which inevitably penetrates inside the screed, to flow freely outside, is the only solution to prevent common damage to any external installation. The simple laying of the DRAINTEC 8 draining system over the normal insulating sheaths, applied with a suitable slope and the execution of a traditional screed on which to subsequently lay the coating, ensure the free and controlled flow of infiltration water. DRAINTEC 8 can be easily cut with normal shears, folded and shaped to follow the conformation of the surface.

Advantages using DRAINTEC 8:

• Extends the life of the tiles • Protects traditional waterproofing • It reduces the deterioration of the structures avoiding the efflorescence and the detachment of the coating • Solves the problem of water over-pressures and consequent cracks • Ensures thermo-acoustic insulation by constituting an 8 mm air gap

How to install DRAINTEC 8

1) Make sure that the slope of the tile surface is at least 1 ÷ 2%. 2) In the case of existing waterproofing, check that it has been made in the proper way and check the location of the water outflow points once the screed has to be poured over over the DRAINTEC 8 membrane. 3) Build a screed suitable for laying, after having placed the DRAINTEC 8 membrane on the waterproofing, with the colored part in contact with the waterproofing and the filtering part facing upwards. 4) Provide and install, in relation to the tiled surface, a suitable lattice of expansion joints.

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  • Draintec 8 in polyethylene

    Polyethylene drainage membrane with truncated pyramid elements to better separate and drain liquids, coupled with filtering non-woven fabric capable of blocking the descent of small debris and granules. It can be combined with borders from the Bordertec line.

    Polyethylene /
    H (in) Art.
    5/16 DRAINTEC 8

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