Pedestals for floating floor

Raised floors are one of the trendiest choices for outdoors. It is possible to make floors of this type with different materials for every need and taste: stoneware, stone, wood, fake wood, pvc, and thanks to this solution you can obtain multiple advantages.
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Raised outdoor floor: how to make it?

The raised outdoor floors, also called floating or floating, are installed in equipped gardens, balconies, poolside, patios, porches and verandas. They consist of a flooring (stoneware, stone, wood, PVC) resting on a support structure consisting of pedestals, generally in polypropylene, resting on a sloping screed. The feet must be arranged at a constant distance between them and arranged in parallel rows; the dry floor must therefore be placed on top of them.We offer Uptec, a range of 3 in 1 supports, with which it is possible to create any type of raised floor using only 3 main elements. It is a modular system, very simple to use, in which just add / remove one more Ring to reach the desired height. The Uptec supports are also adjustable in height and can be used both in the self-leveling and fixed versions, simply by fixing the ring on the head of the foot. The system should be used in a self-leveling version to compensate for the slope of the substrate, saving time and thus obtaining a flat and stable walkable floor. On the head of the support there are fins that allow a homogeneous spacing between the slabs of the floor and thus facilitates the evacuation of rainwater.

Why a raised floor?

A raised floor, compared to a standard floor glued or simply placed on sand or gravel, therefore subject to movement, guarantees a series of advantages: · Light construction system · The work is performed dry so it does not get dirty · The laying can be performed in every season · Installation is quick and easy compared to a floor to be glued · If there is a breakage of a portion of the floor or if you decide to change it because it is no longer liked, the replacement operation is very simple · Low maintenance costs · The aesthetic result is far superior to other options as it allows you to choose more precious and particular flooring · The flooring can be walked on immediately · The floor is resistant to thermal changes, no cracks are formed because in the case due to thermal expansion, the material, since it is not fixed, has the possibility to move naturally · Efflorescence is avoided eu ascent midpoint · It is possible to create a technical compartment in the subfloor: manholes, pipes, cables · The subfloor can be inspected.