Levelers and spacers for ceramic laying

Among the many accessories needed when laying the floor or wall tiles, levelers and spacers cannot be missing. The offer is vast, they are produced in various shapes and sizes, to be able to meet every installation need.
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Large format ceramic slabs: how to lay them without lip-page between tiles?

The trend of recent times is to use narrow and long slabs, with surface finishes in imitation wood, or very large slabs, which can even reach exaggerated dimensions such as 1 m by 3 m. Laying these materials is not a job for everyone, be it on the floor or on the wall. Tile leveling system are helpful. We offer Leveltec. It is a very simple system to use, consisting of a cap, reusable several times, and a spacer. These products have a dual function: that of spacing the slabs evenly between them and that of avoiding the formation of steps between one slab and another. There are various possibilities of choice among the tie rods, to make joints from 1 mm up to 5 mm. Each size is also available in various shapes to help in different laying patterns, linear, running, diagonally, and others. The spacers can be used for tile thicknesses ranging from 3.5 mm to 20 mm.

The joints between the tiles, not always appreciated but indispensable

The escape, or the separation between the tiles, is not always appreciated, because it creates discontinuity in the floor and then gets dirty over time, but it is very important to create these spaces. The joints are necessary to allow for thermal expansion and movements caused by the settling of the structure without the risk of the formation of cracks in the tiles. To create joints with simplicity, speed and precision, spacers are used: DISC / DIT, small cross or T-shaped plastic objects which, placed between the tiles, distance them evenly and homogeneously from each other. Once immersed in the grout, they will no longer be visible and will not constitute an obstacle to the natural movements of the floor. The DISC 10 spacers in transparent and perforated plastic are also interesting, they are designed for outdoor use, in particular when laying tiles on gravel.