Decorative profiles for steps

Technical profiles for steps that perform various functions. Available in various shapes, materials and finishes to meet anyone's tastes and needs.
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The various functions of stair nosing profiles

When designing a staircase, two factors must be considered: safety and finishing.By using the profiles on each single step, both needs can be satisfied. Compared to the use of special pieces, not always perfectly in tune with the steps and not always available, the choice of stair nosing profiles allows you to speed up the installation and adapt to any type of covering. We have a wide range of technical products, varied in shape, materials and surface finishes. Their function is to protect the corners of the steps, preventing them from splintering, finishing cleanly, simply and elegantly, covering the gap between the riser and the tread, and if necessary also with the anti-slip function

Technical profiles also for decorating

The series of Roundjolly RJ and RD profiles (link) or Squarejolly SJ (link) are technical profiles with the task of strengthening the step in the most fragile and most exposed point to mechanical stresses due to the passage and therefore to make them more resistant over time. Their shape and their surface finish, however, allow you to give something more to the step, making it more beautiful and elegant. We have many other products such as these to satisfy every need and suitable for any environment.