trimtec TR-KJ



Resilient materials are commonly used for floors and walls as well as over existing flooring. For thinner flooring materials, we recommend profiles that can be solidly anchored and provide maximum edge protection. TR and KJ family of profiles meets these needs by providing a solid base with tapered openings for mechanical fastening or to be adhered using appropriate adhesive.

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  • Trimtec TR-KJ in Aluminum

    Profile for resilient and LVT flooring

    Aluminum / Anodized
    H (in) Art. Color
    1/8 TR 30 ASF Silver
    3/16 TR 45 ASF Silver
    1/4 TR 60 ASF Silver
    1/8 KJ 30 ASF Titanium
    3/16 KJ 45 ASF Titanium
    1/4 KJ 60 ASF Titanium
    Aluminum / Powder Coated
    H (in) Art. Color
    1/8 KJ 30 A65F Embossed matt Black
    3/16 KJ 45 A65F Embossed matt Black
    1/4 KJ 60 A65F Embossed matt Black

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