Multipurpose Waterproofing Adhesive Sealant

Multipurpose Waterproofing Adhesive Sealant

FIXXTEC is a multi-purpose adhesive suitable for sealing and waterproofing the connections between different sheets of FOILTEC membranes and STBO waterproofing boards. It is also suitable for the bonding of a wide range of products, such as baseboards, expansion and connection joints, wedges, transition profiles, etc. FIXXTEC can be applied to both wet and submerged surfaces, acting as a waterproofing adhesive and sealant. FIXXTEC can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its high resistance to UV radiation and adverse weather conditions. This adhesive is odourless, elastic, solvent-free and provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials, such as aluminium, steel, wood, stone, fibre cement, concrete, glass and plastic. FIXXTEC can be painted with most water- and solvent-based paints.

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  • Multipurpose Waterproofing Adhesive Sealant 290ml

    FIXXTEC is a single-component waterproof elastic sealing adhesive based on MS polymers supplied in 12-count packs in 290ml cartridges. It is a multi-purpose product that can also be used to bond PROFILITEC products such as baseboards, joints, transition profiles, etc. It has CE marking.

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