Leveltec: install, twist, remove and reuse!


Private house


Weistrach, Austria

Realization by

Jura Natursteine e Christopher Jura

Renovation of a small bathroom with Leveltec leveling system

We are in Weistrach, northern Austria. The client needed to renovate a bathroom that was old and had outdated wall tiles, to make it modern and well-maintained.
Leveltec, the patented, revolutionary laying system, was used to level all the tiles.

Let’s hear what the installer has to say about Leveltec:

What were the needs and/or problems that had to be solved?
It was necessary to remodel the bathroom area with a professionally done installation. Small rooms can become real gems if done with care and attention. The client in particular wanted to make sure that the tiles were laid perfectly, without any difference in height.

How was the result?
The result was perfect. Fast laying with tiles perfectly coplanar with each other. No height difference between the tiles.

Can you give us some design data?
We worked on about 12m² (129ft²) between floor and walls.

How did you manage to work with Leveltec?
Very well. The Leveltec system, thanks to the simple operation of the cap (with one click), allowed for quick, yet precise and accurate implementation.


The first leveling system that requires no tools for either installation or disassembly. Unique patented CLICK & LEVEL system.
Leveltec is laid dry, without the need for adhesives. The system consists of a reusable knob and a series of tie rods (linear, "T", cross) that allow for 2, 3 or 5 mm (0.08, 0.1 or 0.2 in) joints (UNI 11493 compliant) or 1 mm (0.04 in) joints.